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Curtains & Net Curtains

When cleaning your curtains there is always risk of them shrinking or losing their shape. That is why it is so important that to get this is done by a specialist.

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Duvets & Sheet Packages

Even though you might not clean your duvets daily, it is important to do it every once in a while for hygiene reasons. In order to prevent fungus, bacteria and dust mites, it is wise to have your duvet and pillows cleaned at least twice a year.

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Leather, Suede and Fur

You need a specialist to clean leather, suede and fur. Cleaning leather is fairly challenging. Washing it with water can lead to a change in color, or it can dry out or crack the leather.

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Clothing Repairs

We all have them: clothes that are either damaged or that no longer fit. You could throw them away, but now you don’t have to!

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Shoe Repairs

Are your shoes too small, or have your favorite shoes been damaged? All sorts of shoes, from sneakers to pumps, can be repaired by a cobbler.

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Carpet Cleaning & Rental Or Carpet Cleaning Machine

Is it time to clean your area rug? Dry Cleaning Ocean works with companies that have machines with the latest technology to give your carpet a new life.

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